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It's the start of my favorite fashion season! You all know I live for my jeans and knits and I can finally start wearing them out again. The weather this day was so perfect at 65º that all you needed was a light sweater to keep you warm. I picked this one up from H&M for only $25! H&M is killing it this year with their affordable knitwear. They have pieces starting at only $19.99 - and they're super cute. I upped this look by pairing it with my patent boots and statement earrings. I think you'll start seeing me in more "dangly" earrings in the coming months - I'm super into them right now!

Happy fall.
S H O P  T H E  L O O K
I wanted to start a new series on the blog where I do an edit once a month for one of my favorite stores! I'm kicking off the series with Zara because well, who doesn't love Zara? These are pieces that are right up my alley, and what speaks to my fashion-loving soul. Here are my picks for Zara's new in:

01 linen dress
02 straw bag
03 earrings
04 off-shoulder jumpsuit
05 leather slide-on espadrilles
06 snakeskin slides
07 knotted tote bag
08 crossbody bag
09 sneakers

I was mainly drawn to accessories in the New In section, so I've got a healthy selection here! What are your favorites?

x Alicia

Festival season is upon us, and the fanny pack is back in full swing. A lot of the fanny packs on the market right now are pretty pricey, and can cost upwards of $1,100! That's totally a rent paycheck right there. For a fad that is likely not to last too long, I thought it would be great to try to DIY one!
All I needed to buy was a $6 bag from Forever 21 and $4 leather trim, and I was all set. Chances are you have an old belt laying around (if not, hit up Forever 21 to find one for $4!) and a tube of E6000 adhesive in a junk drawer in your kitchen. Break 'em out, and let's get to DIYing.
Materials Needed:
Small Bag
Leather Trim
E6000 Adhesive
Cut out two small strips from your leather trim. My cuts measured 1.5" x 2.25", but this will depend on how wide your belt is. Next, glue the tops and bottoms of your strips to the back of the bag spaced evenly from the center. Let this dry for 24 hours. Finally, slide your belt into the bg loops you've created, and you're ready to wear your new fanny pack!
If you're into visuals rather than written instructions, watch the video tutorial here!
x Alicia
Watch the video DIY here!

Okay, so I'm a few weeks tardy to the Lidstar party, but here we go! I have four of the six shimmering shades, and thought I'd show you how each of them look on my skin tone. My favorite shade so far is Fawn - I'm pretty sure I could wear it everyday. To be honest it's like a huge possibility. Anywho, I love that these shades paired so well with the lip gloss I chose to wear today, the e.l.f. x Alissa Ashley collab in Nude Glow! You all know I usually like to keep my lip colors in the nude family on a day-to-day basis, so not having to change up my lip products to work with the eyeshadows is a huge plus.

I've got pretty sensitive eyes and neither applying or wearing these for an extended period of time have negatively affected my eyes at all! On the Glossier site you can see that the shadows are also cruelty free, paraben free, and hypoallergenic (check out the site to see all of the claims). 

I definitely want to purchase the other two shades Cub and Lily to see how they look on my skin tone.  Moon is a bit ashy on me, so I'm not a huge fan of it. Besides Fawn being my favorite shade, it's also the one that applies the smoothest. For me, the other shades come out a tad patchy when swatched and when applied to my eyes. 

Another thing that impressed me is the fact that they totally don't transfer or crease! They remove easily with a makeup wipe or with Milky Jelly Cleanser, but if you accidentally rub your eyes, the shadow won't budge. 

As always, save 20% off your Glossier purchase by shopping with me at http://glossier.com/reps/aliciaenkhulzii! For easy access, hit the "Glossier" link in the menu bar above - it's always there!

If you've tried them out, let me know how you've got on with them.

x Alicia

It may look like spring isn't coming any time soon, but it's not too early to start thinking about the upcoming fashion trends for next season! There are a bunch of trends that are predicted to be popular this spring, but I've put together a list of my top favorites. 

What are the trends you want to try out this season?
x Alicia

If you've been keeping up with my YouTube channel, you'll know that I've had a bit of a polka dot obsession recently. I picked up this dress from Zara at the end-of-the-year sale and I've been dying to wear it. I finally got to break it out while I was in LA in February, and it's just as dreamy as I'd hoped it would be! 
It was a bit cold that day (and the whole week I was there) so I wore this fluffy jacket that I picked up from Uniqlo in January. Unfortunately they've all sold out, so run to your nearest Uniqlo to see if they have any left in stock! 
I am 100% ready for spring/summer weather and fashion - winter hurry up and end!

x Alicia

Okay, this is a bodysuit so it's not technically just a top. You guys know I'm a jeans fanatic (at one point I owned like 3 pairs of the same exact jeans because I'm a crazy person) and jeans and a top is my favorite outfit combo. I picked up this bodysuit from Forever 21 and these tried and true jeans are H&M. I've been loving incorporating silk-like scarves into my looks recently and the one I've got tied  around my belt loop is a DIY that's coming to you in the coming weeks!

What's your go-to look when you can't find anything else to wear?

x Alicia


During Christmas week the "feels like" temperature here in Chicagoland reached -20ºF. Like, why. I went outside and my body actually froze. On the coldest day I wore two Uniqlo heat tech turtlenecks, two pairs of leggings underneath my jeans, two pairs of socks in my pile lined boots, a zip up fuzzy sweater and a coat, and a thick pair of gloves. TBH I sort of felt like Randy from A Christmas Story (read: "I can't put my arms down!") but I can still say I looked pretty okay.
It can be pretty tough and feel completely pointless to look cute when the weather is so cold that even the animals are in hiding, but sometimes it's necessary! This week I'm giving you a mini lookbook with some outfit ideas that'll keep you looking cute, but staying warm when the weather is rough.
Watch the video here!
Similar (and some exact) products listed below!
I'm off to L.A. this weekend, and I've got to get packing. I'm very anal when it comes to organization (you guys know I love my to-do lists!), and travel is no different. I don't want to forget anything especially since I'll be 2,000 miles away from home! I'm packing a carry-on bag as well as a checked bag since this will be a 7-day trip. Going through the process (and stress) of packing for a trip, I've got a few tips to get you through it. 
Tips for a seamless packing experience:
  • Start off by making a list of the things you use on the daily. These will be things like your toothbrush, face cleanser, prescriptions, etc. This will ensure that you don't forget to pack the things you can't travel without. 
  • Plan your outfits! I like to pack one or two extra outfits just in case I want to switch it up by the time I get to my destination. Planning the outfits in advance instead of just throwing a bunch of random pieces in your luggage will help reduce stress and help you not overpack! 
  • Use packing cubes. I got these cute ones* from Amazon - they keep all of your goods organized and makes your suitcase look more neat.
  • Use a packing list. I made one for you all to use with all the basics plus room to add your own items. You can download it here
  • Weigh your luggage. You don't want to go over the weight limit that your airline has, so make sure you weigh your suitcase after it's all packed! This will help you avoid paying extra fees at the airport.
  • Put the important stuff in your carry on. Don't check things like your laptop, camera, or wallet. Those things need to be easily accessible!
Download my free packing list here!

Keep up with my L.A. adventures by following me on my socials! I'll definitely be posting to my Instagram & stories and Twitter while I'm on vacation!
x Alicia
*Starred items are affiliate links. 
I made a Glossier order and went on a Target run to pick up a few new goodies. I haven't done a beauty haul on here in a bit, so I thought I'd share some of the things I picked up! 

As you may know, Glossier* recently launched a new product called Solution and with it came the launch of Glossier* cotton rounds. I don't have acne-prone skin so Solution isn't super on my radar, but the cotton rounds totally were! I usually buy my rounds from Ulta, but the most recent batch I got was terrible - they totally left cotton fibers all over my face after each use. Yuck! So far I've used the Glossier* rounds once, and they totally did the trick. I love them!

After ages, I finally decided to pick up the Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. Again, I've only tested them out once but so far I'm into them. I'll definitely be doing a full face of Glossier* video on my channel in the coming weeks! I also picked up a new boy brow because my current one is running low. I bought it in brown since I've been growing out my natural hair color again so my eyebrows won't look too harsh in contrast to my hair. 

On my Target run I picked up a couple of e.l.f. products and my holy grail mascara, L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black! This mascara is my tried and true, and no matter how many other brands I try out, I always find my way back to this one. I've been wanting to try out a cream blush product and I found this one from e.l.f. for only $4. I also picked up a basic lip tint and clear gloss. Hopefully these all work out well! 
What's your most recent beauty purchase? 
x Alicia
*I'm a Glossier rep! Get 20% off your Glossier order by shopping with me! I earn a small commission, and you get $$$ off! http://glossier.com/reps/aliciaenkhulzii
I am a homebody. I love being at home, relaxing, and in my own space. Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite things to do on a typical winter's night in when I just want to enjoy my own company. 
As you all know, I absolutely love jeans but my favorite thing to do to get cozy is to pop on a pair of sweatpants! My favorite pair are these from Gap - yep, they're from the boys section so I got them in XXL! After I'm cosy in my sweats, I'll turn on my electric kettle to get ready for some tea. My tea of choice on a cold winter day is chamomile. It's so calming and tastes great with a teaspoon of honey. 
Once I've got my tea, I'll cozy up on my couch and wrap myself in a throw blanket for extra warmth. If I'm feeling up for it, I'll spend a few hours reading a book - I'm currently reading Not Alone by Craig A. Falconer. It's about aliens, so naturally I'm into it. After that I'll switch gears and watch something on Netflix or Hulu. I've been watching season 2 of The Magicians and Supernatural on Netflix, and SVU on Hulu (they have like every season!). I'll usually watch a few episodes (or an entire season) and head to bed! 
I love chill winter nights where nothing is on my agenda. I can just chill out and clear my head.
What are your favorite things to do to wind down when it's cold out? 
x Alicia

Okay, so it's the third week into the new year and one of your resolutions is to finally get your life together, right? Well, I probably don't have all the answers you're looking for but I can help you with organizing your life! If you're struggling to stay organized, follow these tips.

IMO things don't go right without a plan. Grab yourself a planner that has monthly and weekly calendars with space to plan out your days. The first week of the month I made a content planner for the next 6 months to help keep myself organized, and I know its going to keep me on track! 

To do lists are lifesavers. If I don't write things down, then chances are I won't get them done. I like to make daily lists with things I need to accomplish for that specific day. If I've got a ton of things to get done, I'll break my day up into segments and give myself time slots to get things finished. To do lists are also great because when you cross something off your list, you feel like a boss. 

I love a good file folder. And storage boxes. Also, baskets. Baskets are awesome. The best way to keep my house organized is to stick everything in its own separate container. All legal, financial, and important documents are separated into different folders within a hanging file box. I do the same with all school documents that I decided to keep after graduating. I keep all TV and extension cords in a storage cube in our TV shelf unit, our throw blankets are housed in a wire basket next to the couch, and our dog has her own toy basket. Keeping all our items in separate places helps for easy access and an organized home.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoy cleaning, but I do it quite often. To keep my house organized I pick up the house daily. This is easy as putting shoes back to their proper spots after taking them off, and always hanging up coats and putting away scarves and gloves. Before we go to sleep, I like to put the throw blankets away, and put the remotes back onto the table. Picking up your house helps to reduce the amount of clutter you have, and makes the weekly “deep cleaning” day a breeze.

Organization is great to give you a clear head, and just makes life a lot simpler. What’s your favorite organization tactic? I’d love to know!

x Alicia

Obsessed with this pic I snapped at a ski resort in Wisconsin. That tree looked so lonely, but made for a great photo!

I love date night, but once the cold weather hits it can be a bit more challenging to find fun things to do. If you're super lost on where to start for your next date night, I've got you covered. Here are a few ideas for a fun date night in the winter time!

Ice Skating
If you want to brave the cold and do some winter activities, go ice skating! This date idea is especially fun if you and your date both suck at skating because you'll make fun memories falling on your butt together.

Dinner and a Movie
Spice up the traditional movie date, and check out a dine-in movie theater! You'll get your food and drinks served to you in your seat while enjoying whichever new movie floats you and your boo's boat (my husband and I love Marvel movies!). 

Game Night
Sometimes the weather is going to be in the negatives, and no one is going to want to actually leave the house. Have a fun night in, get in your pj's and play some games! This would be a good opportunity for him to teach you how to play his favorite video game, or you teach him yours!

Bowling and Pool
Have some friendly competition and play a few rounds of bowling and finish off your night with a game of pool! These games are fun whether you win or lose.

Comedy Show
Comedy shows are such a good time because you get to let your guard down and laugh together in a super chill environment. This is also a great stress reliever!

My husband and I on date night after seeing a comedy show!

Build a Snowman
When there is snow on the ground, there are snowmen to be made. Get outdoors and build a snowman then go inside for a hot cup of cocoa. You two will have so much fun and you don't have to spend any money!

What's your favorite winter date night activity?

x Alicia