Today's post is a long time in the making. I have no idea why I didn't write it sooner. Sorry, y'all. It has been over a year since I got married, and since then I have been getting questions about my wedding dress. I am here today to answer all of your questions.
So, let's get started by answering the most burning question everyone seems to have: "Where did you get your dress?!" Well, guys - I made it. I found inspiration on Pinterest and combined a few styles that I loved to get the end result. I'm totally not a professionally trained seamstress, just a self-taught hobbyist which is why I did not make any patterns, take photos, or video of my process (really regretting that now!) but I was able to crank it out in a single day. I wandered around my local fabric store for about an hour touching all of the fabrics to find "the one". I ended up going with two yards of ivory crepe back satin because I liked the medium weight of it, the nice shine, and the awesome drape. I also purchased an ivory colored invisible zipper, snaps, and a package of hooks and eyes. The total cost for my wedding dress was around $30! 
Now, for the details of the dress. The top of the dress were basically two triangle pieces connected by a single spaghetti strap that covered my boobs. Before I connected the top to the skirt, I could basically hang the top around my neck like boxing gloves (lol). I made them quite long due to where I wanted the skirt to start, and overlapped them in the middle. For the skirt, I gathered the entire top section until it fit my waist, sewed it together, then added the invisible zipper and the hook and eye closure. I then sewed the top onto the skirt, and had a dress! The sash/belt that you see around my waist was a separate part that I could remove if I wanted to. To create that, I cut some fabric to a few inches bigger than my waist and folded it to get the pleating. I then sewed the ends until I had a long pleated rectangle of fabric. I hand sewed the snaps, and voila! There was a sash that looked perfect around my waist. And that folks, is how I made my wedding dress.
Considering I made my dress, I won't be able to post any links for where you can buy it yourself, but don't worry I found some similar ones for you. Unfortunately my finds aren't going to run you $30, but they are still significantly less than what you would pay for a traditional dress! All of my finds are from a cool company called Fame & Partners, and the dresses are completely customizable! (Nope, this post isn't sponsored I just really love the concept of this company!) 

My dress "dupes":
The Santina Dress | The Astrid Dress | The Stella Dress

I really hope this was helpful and informative! If you have any other questions, comment them below and I'll update this post. I'm also doing a wedding-related giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!
x Alicia