Festival season is upon us, and the fanny pack is back in full swing. A lot of the fanny packs on the market right now are pretty pricey, and can cost upwards of $1,100! That's totally a rent paycheck right there. For a fad that is likely not to last too long, I thought it would be great to try to DIY one!
All I needed to buy was a $6 bag from Forever 21 and $4 leather trim, and I was all set. Chances are you have an old belt laying around (if not, hit up Forever 21 to find one for $4!) and a tube of E6000 adhesive in a junk drawer in your kitchen. Break 'em out, and let's get to DIYing.
Materials Needed:
Small Bag
Leather Trim
E6000 Adhesive
Cut out two small strips from your leather trim. My cuts measured 1.5" x 2.25", but this will depend on how wide your belt is. Next, glue the tops and bottoms of your strips to the back of the bag spaced evenly from the center. Let this dry for 24 hours. Finally, slide your belt into the bg loops you've created, and you're ready to wear your new fanny pack!
If you're into visuals rather than written instructions, watch the video tutorial here!
x Alicia
Watch the video DIY here!