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Thursday, July 6, 2017
Click to watch my Function of Beauty review video!

Hey lovelies! At the beginning of this year I kept seeing an ad for "customized hair care" float around my Facebook newsfeed, and after checking out the company I knew I needed to try it out. Function of Beauty creates personalized shampoo and conditioner for your hair and it can be ordered on its own, or as a subscription-based product. You take a hair quiz to let them know exactly what your hair is like, what problems you want to target, and what color and fragrance you want your products to be. I tested this product out for four months on my curly hair, and the verdict is in! Watch my review to hear my final thoughts.

x Alicia

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Frame Smile Photo Book Review

Thursday, June 29, 2017

If you are on the hunt for a beautiful photo book to commemorate your wedding, birthday, birth of a child, etc. you have come to the right place - er, blog post. I was gifted the gorgeous photo book you see in the photos above from a company called Frame Smile. Frame Smile specializes in creating unique photo books with exclusive cover styles like Glass, Acrylic Crystal, and more. With Frame Smile's new Smart Book Software  you can upload your photos and create professional layouts easily!
I have one of the Glass Crystal Photo Book's - a beautiful high quality book whose front and back cover is encased in glass. All of the pages are super thick, and the printed photos are very crisp and clear. The customer service is also great! You will have any and all questions answered in a very timely manner over email, or you can call their customer service number. When I received this book in the mail, it completely exceeded my expectations. It is absolutely gorgeous and I fits right in on my coffee table.
Frame Smile was nice enough to sponsor a giveaway for you all with three winners! All of the giveaway information is posted in the description box of this video - you don't want to miss it! You have the chance to win a Glass Crystal Photo Book to match mine. Make sure you check out the video and read the description box for all giveaway information. Good luck!
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All About THE Dress

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Today's post is a long time in the making. I have no idea why I didn't write it sooner. Sorry, y'all. It has been over a year since I got married, and since then I have been getting questions about my wedding dress. I am here today to answer all of your questions.
So, let's get started by answering the most burning question everyone seems to have: "Where did you get your dress?!" Well, guys - I made it. I found inspiration on Pinterest and combined a few styles that I loved to get the end result. I'm totally not a professionally trained seamstress, just a self-taught hobbyist which is why I did not make any patterns, take photos, or video of my process (really regretting that now!) but I was able to crank it out in a single day. I wandered around my local fabric store for about an hour touching all of the fabrics to find "the one". I ended up going with two yards of ivory crepe back satin because I liked the medium weight of it, the nice shine, and the awesome drape. I also purchased an ivory colored invisible zipper, snaps, and a package of hooks and eyes. The total cost for my wedding dress was around $30! 
Now, for the details of the dress. The top of the dress were basically two triangle pieces connected by a single spaghetti strap that covered my boobs. Before I connected the top to the skirt, I could basically hang the top around my neck like boxing gloves (lol). I made them quite long due to where I wanted the skirt to start, and overlapped them in the middle. For the skirt, I gathered the entire top section until it fit my waist, sewed it together, then added the invisible zipper and the hook and eye closure. I then sewed the top onto the skirt, and had a dress! The sash/belt that you see around my waist was a separate part that I could remove if I wanted to. To create that, I cut some fabric to a few inches bigger than my waist and folded it to get the pleating. I then sewed the ends until I had a long pleated rectangle of fabric. I hand sewed the snaps, and voila! There was a sash that looked perfect around my waist. And that folks, is how I made my wedding dress.
Considering I made my dress, I won't be able to post any links for where you can buy it yourself, but don't worry I found some similar ones for you. Unfortunately my finds aren't going to run you $30, but they are still significantly less than what you would pay for a traditional dress! All of my finds are from a cool company called Fame & Partners, and the dresses are completely customizable! (Nope, this post isn't sponsored I just really love the concept of this company!) 

My dress "dupes":
The Santina Dress | The Astrid Dress | The Stella Dress

I really hope this was helpful and informative! If you have any other questions, comment them below and I'll update this post. I'm also doing a wedding-related giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!
x Alicia