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TurtleneckSkirt | Boots (similar) | Coat (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Hat (similar) | Earrings

I've been loving plaid this season. In years past I never really got into it as it looked quite dated. Now that it's come back in style (and in a big way) I think it looks quite sophisticated! You all know I love my neural tones, and this look is right up my alley. For cooler weather I might pop on a pair of tights to make myself extra cozy. 

What's a trend you didn't used to wear, but love now?

x Alicia

Hello hello! This week I'm sharing a week in work outfits for a business casual environment. Enjoy!
Outfit 1 - Sweater | Plaid Skirt | Tights | Boots | Earrings | Necklace (similar)
Outfit 2 - TurtleneckJumpsuit | Shoes | Earrings
Outfit 3 - Silk Top (exact, different color) | Jeans | Belt (similar) | BootsNecklace (similar) | Earrings
Outfit 4 - Bodysuit (similar) | Jeans | Blazer | Boots (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Earrings
Outfit 5 - Top | Jeans (similar) | Belt (similar) | ShoesNecklace (similar) | Earrings (similar)


Jumpsuit (exact) - Shein* | Turtleneck (exact) - Uniqlo | Boots (similar) - Zara | Hoops - H&M*

Tis the season for pumpkin spiced everything - including fashion. I picked up this burnt orange jumpsuit a few months ago from Shein and it worked for the summer, and now it's even better for the fall. If I wear this to a pumpkin patch, will it be too much? Ha! 

I layered on a Uniqlo Heattech turtleneck under the jumpsuit for added warmth because fall in Chicago gets pretty darn cold. It was around 40º out when I shot this look, and with a jacket I was pretty warm. I went super matchy-matchy with this look and paired my go-to black boots for some height, and non-prescription tortoiseshell glasses to play off the buttons. Gold is still my metal of choice at the moment, so a new pair of thick gold hoops and a crescent necklace pulled together my accessories.

Okay, now that this post is finished I'm going back to eating my pumpkin muffins...

x Alicia

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earrings (exact) Forever 21 | bodysuit (exact) Shein | jeans (exact) Uniqlo | belt (exact) ASOS | boots (exact) Shein | jacket (similar) Zara | lip color (exact) ColourPop
Like I've mentioned time and time again, fall fashion is my favorite. I love that I can finally break out my long sleeve tops, jackets and ankle boots. I wanted to play with a few different themes in this look - fun silhouettes and neutral tones. This one-arm body suit is an awesome update to the traditional long-sleeved body. It plays with cool contours and makes my broad shoulders appear a bit slimmer. These high-rise wide-leg cropped pants make my legs look longer and pulls in my waist. Instead of going with a black belt for this outfit, I decided to play into the brown tones of my leopard print ankle boots by popping on a belt with a similar tone. To keep with the "edgy" vibe of this look, I put on my leather jacket which will also keep me warm in the brisk air.
This is such a cute look for hanging out with friends, going shopping or even out on date night. As with every outfit I wear, it's super affordable! 
x Alicia

S H O P  T H E  L O O K


It's the start of my favorite fashion season! You all know I live for my jeans and knits and I can finally start wearing them out again. The weather this day was so perfect at 65º that all you needed was a light sweater to keep you warm. I picked this one up from H&M for only $25! H&M is killing it this year with their affordable knitwear. They have pieces starting at only $19.99 - and they're super cute. I upped this look by pairing it with my patent boots and statement earrings. I think you'll start seeing me in more "dangly" earrings in the coming months - I'm super into them right now!

Happy fall.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K