During Christmas week the "feels like" temperature here in Chicagoland reached -20ºF. Like, why. I went outside and my body actually froze. On the coldest day I wore two Uniqlo heat tech turtlenecks, two pairs of leggings underneath my jeans, two pairs of socks in my pile lined boots, a zip up fuzzy sweater and a coat, and a thick pair of gloves. TBH I sort of felt like Randy from A Christmas Story (read: "I can't put my arms down!") but I can still say I looked pretty okay.
It can be pretty tough and feel completely pointless to look cute when the weather is so cold that even the animals are in hiding, but sometimes it's necessary! This week I'm giving you a mini lookbook with some outfit ideas that'll keep you looking cute, but staying warm when the weather is rough.
Watch the video here!