I think I've mentioned this before on my blog, but every year I like to create a "things I hope to accomplish by age __" list. Granted, I probably won't actually look at the list more than twice in the whole year, but I just like to have a general idea of some goals and milestones I'd like to hit. So to kick off 2018, here are some things I hope to accomplish by age 25 (oh my goodness I'm going to be 25 this year)!
  1. I feel like this is on my list every year, and every year I fail. But I really do think this is the year I succeed at blogging and posting content consistently. If anything, I will have at least one post, be it a blog post or a video, live each week. Count on it!
  2. Build a closer relationship with God and read my bible more!
  3. Be more productive and take fewer naps (I literally nap every single day - not even kidding)!
  4. Save more money.
  5. Have new experiences.
I never make true "new year's resolutions", but more milestone goals. I've written down a ton more in my journal, but these are a few of the ones I really need to make happen! 
Do you have a "Things I Want to Accomplish" list? Let me know if you do, and how many things you've crossed off your list this past year.
Here's to a magical 2018, and a fruitful age 24.
x Alicia