Hello, Friends reference. I've never seen a single (full) episode of Friends in my nearly 24 years of living, but for some reason I know how the show's titles were crafted. Anyways, I totally shot and forgot to actually post this "New In: Beauty" post, so I thought I'd share it anyways and give an update on my thoughts on these products!

Spoiler alert: I love them. If you've been following for the past few months you'd know that I'm a Glossier Rep, and I use their products basically everyday. I'll stick to telling you all about the two featured products in this post, or else I'll go off on a tangent. Let's get into it.

Milky Jelly Cleanser: I love this guy. At first, I didn't love it because this cleanser doesn't lather. I'm a Clauisonic user, and all of the face washes I use (i.e. Purpose, Cetaphil Daily Cleanser, etc.) all lather up. Milky Jelly is reminiscent of Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser, but does a much better job IMO at taking off makeup. I use Milky Jelly daily, and if I want a deeper cleanse, then I'll go in with my Clauisonic in conjunction with one of my sudsy cleansers. This is a great cleanser to use when you want to quickly take off your makeup, or when you just wake up in the morning. I love that the scent is light (it's made with rose water), and doesn't linger. It also doesn't burn my eyes which is another plus! I've been using it daily for a month now after previously using it sparingly, and I can say I'm a believer in Milky Jelly.

Boy Brow: Wow, I can't get enough of this one. You guys know I have barely there eyebrows (check them out in this post) and Boy Brow really amps them up. Boy Brow gives the illusion that my thin eyebrow hairs are thicker and darker, and helps them stay in place all day. I use Boy Brow alone and with my other eyebrow product. It's great for me on days that I have to quickly run to Target or Trader Joe's and don't want to put on my aqua brow. If you've got brows like mine, you'll definitely want to try out Boy Brow.

If you're new to Glossier and want to save some money and get product recommendations, shop with me at http://glossier.com/reps/aliciaenkhulzii! You'll save 20% off your first order, and get free shipping if you buy 2+ items. Phase One set has recently dropped in price (yay!) and you'll get Milky Jelly, Balm dotcom, and Priming Moisturizer for only $40 (plus the 20% off)!

Let me know what you guys think about these products if you've used them before.

x Alicia