I've been browsing my Bloglovin' feed and Pinterest boards and I've come across quite a few "budget" fashion and beauty posts. I've come to realize the word "budget" definitely means different things, for different people. One post I saw in particular showed a pair of $120 jeans labeled as a "budget buy" and I was actually bewildered - like, literally
I'm a fresh college grad, searching for a full-time position, working part-time hours at Gap - and my definition of budget does not include dropping $120 on a pair of jeans. I definitely see that as more of an investment buy. So anyway, this got me thinking about why I initially started this blog. I of course created it to share my love of fashion and style with other like-minded individuals, but I sought out to share my definition of budget fashion. I consider myself to be pretty frugal, and definitely think my definition of budget shopping works for my fellow un-established-in-the-workforce gals out there. 
So, here's my pledge to you that I will never label something as a "budget item" if a broke 20-something can't afford it (because let's be real, that's what a budget item really is). 
Okay, so how many times did I use the word 'budget' in this post? 
x Alicia