Happy 2016, everyone! And happy first post of the new year. Today I wanted to share with you an outfit I wore in December before the snow began to fall. If you didn't know, it only snowed like once in Chicago in December. So far it has been the most mild winter I can ever remember. It was mainly windy and rainy all month long, so I was able to get away with not wearing a heavy winter coat or boots. 

I kept this outfit smart-casual with a pair of black trousers, an oversized scoop neck tee paired with a bralette underneath. Oversized coats are all the rage and perfect for the mild weather (I would opt for a thicker coat for the snow). In 2015 I learned that I'm slightly enamored with sneakers, so I added to my slowly growing sneaker collection and finished this outfit with all white adidas superstars. 

I'm going to miss the mild winter weather, but bring on the snow so we can hurry and get to spring!

x Alicia