Hey lovelies! I teamed up with The Blogger Programme to share information about an awesome new shoe company with you all! 

Alessandra Alberta Chiolo is a new fashion start up, which owns copyright over the Albertine, module built shoes (shop: www.alexandraalbertachiolo.com). The “Albertine” concept has been developed to allow modern women, always running between work and free time, to change their look with ease!

With this product, the Head Designer, Alessandra Alberta Chiolo herself, wants to unify her passions, fashion and travels, with the aim of guaranteeing to women the possibility of being themselves in any circumstance.  

Upper, heels, and plateau compose the Albertine: combining different models of these last two elements it is possible to customize the shoes. There are two models of uppers, heels, and plateaus, each are available in 30 different colors, for a total of 3600 combinations.  
The hooking system is incredibly easy to use, with simple gestures allowing a seamless combination of the different elements.  

The Albertine is 100% made in Italy and guarantees absolute attention to details, choice of the best materials and use of the most advanced technologies. Check out the video below to see the shoes in action! 

I really love that Alessandra is working hard to see her dream come true, and that she is totally on the same wavelength as me regarding the reason behind her company. Individuality is important. It's critical that you remain true to yourself, even when it comes to fashion.  

If you want to get involved with this campaign and help Alessandra bring the Albertine to the U.S., check out her Kickstarter campaign
x Alicia