The "Bean" aka Cloud Gate. Look at that reflection! 

Eating on the patio.

I was sitting 2 inches away from a bee, it was adorable - yes, I'm weird and like bees.

My mother "not posing"!

My hamburger from Shake Shack sin shack sauce. 

A very delicious looking portobello mushroom burger.

The title? Oh, I had to. Hey lovelies, how's it going? Last weekend I took a day trip downtown Chicago to spend a nice day doing nothing but walking. It's always nice to visit the city, albeit I do go to school down there, but it's nice to not be carrying around a backpack or notebooks whilst taking in the beauty of the city. I admittedly do hate on my city, but I do have to say it is a gorgeous one. I mean, look at that bean (Chicago lingo for the Cloud Gate sculpture)! I tried Shake Shack for the first time, and was pleasantly surprised. I hoped I could've tasted the special sauce, but sadly it contains dairy. It was a gorgeous day out, and I'm definitely glad I made the 40 minute train ride down to the heart of the city. Love ya (sometimes), Chicago!

x Alicia