Today is a very chill day. I filmed Friday's video and decided I want to pick out a bunch of outfits and snap a few flat lays. I'm currently obsessing over the "Fade" filter on the iPhone. I remember loving it when they first released iPhone camera filters, but stopped using them because they became too much of a hassle. I was crazy to think that! The preceding photos were edited using the fade filter, and I think they look pretty darn great. Anyhow, I initially came on here to blog about what I did last night. I got my belly button pierced! And boy did it hurt. I'm not one for piercings - I'd much rather sit through a few hours of getting a tattoo - but I braved through it. It was quick, but as he pushed the need through my skin it felt like I was there for ages. It doesn't hurt anymore which is great, but it sucks not being able to lay on my stomach while I'm on my computer, or sleeping for that matter. It should be healed up enough in a month for me to switch out the ring, and hopefully I'll be used to it by then. Before the end of the summer I hope to also get my septum pierced and nose re-pierced. Next year I may add a few more ear piercings as well. After that, I am done with piercings! Tattoos on the other hand...well, that's a different story. 

Look out for more blog posts in the coming days. I'm trying to post at least twice a week from now on (not on specific days) with one YouTube video on Fridays. 

Until next time, friends. 

x Alicia