Clear Cases - Speck
Hello lovelies. So a few weeks ago my mom surprised me with a new MacBook Pro! This is the 'early 2015' version, a step down from the most recent one that just came out. It's a lot different than the one she bought me in 2012, so I thought I'd share a bit about with you! 

First off, it's a lot thinner and lighter than my old Mac. That's probably the best about it because it saves my back when I take it to school (which is twice a week). Second, the storage is a lot smaller than on my old Mac. Like, a couple hundred GB's less which is pretty strange. It's okay for me though because I use an external hard drive to keep my Mac running as fast as possible. Third, I'm pretty sure the sound gets a lot louder on this new model. Fourth, this one has an HDMI port and the USB ports are on opposite sides of the laptop. Fifth, the charger is different! I kinda love it and hate it because it falls off of my computer more than my old one. Finally, my sixth point is the retina display. I'm so in love with it. Like so much. Everything just looks so clear, and vibrant, and beautiful

If you have, or are planning to make a Mac upgrade, let me know how you like it!

Thanks to my mom for this crazy cool gift!

x Alicia