Style Board - DIY (learn how to make one here) | Mug - Marshall's | Lamp - IKEA | Cactus - IKEA | Desk - IKEA
I thought I'd start out this blog showing you my workspace. It's quaint, colorful, and has everything I need (minus a bag of kettle corn). This is where the magic happens. (By the way, how cute is my little cactus?)

Here's a little birds-eye-view for you.

 First off, I have my DIY style inspiration board. When I'm working on what video to film next, or thinking of what I should wear for the day, I have this little gem to guide me. Next, I have a box full of treasures. Okay, it's not really full of treasures, but it doesn't have some pretty important things in there like my camera, base of my phone charger, alternate Macbook charger, a lighter (it's only for candles, I swear), my trusty flash drive, and a paper & binder clip. I have my pen cup and stapler on the top left, and my LED desk lamp and cactus on the top right corner. Now, let's move down to the most accessible part of my desk. To the left of my laptop I always have the latest edition of the magazine that I try to get myself to actually read, and accompanying the mag is my favorite mug. I got this little beaut for $8 at Marshall's and it sure was a steal. Today, it was filled with some delicious chamomile tea with a touch of honey. Yum. On the right of my laptop, you see my trusty "Ideas Grow Here" notebook that I purchased from Target a few months back. I write my to-do lists, random thoughts, video ideas, and even school notes in that little thing. But now I've decided it won't leave my desk and I will only use it for YouTube and blogging ideas (because I've refused to use the 5 other journals I have laying around my room for far too long). 

And last but not least, my pride and joy, my Macbook Pro. I received this as a high school graduation gift in 2012 from my mom, and it is so precious to me. This is where I do all of my editing, internet browsing, homework, Hulu-Plus-and-Netflix-watching. It's my baby, and I love it. No matter how many other models will come out, this will be my fave.

I hope you have enjoyed this first blog post, as I have enjoyed writing it.

 Here's to many more. 

your girl in the suburbs,