I've started my last year of college today, and I couldn't be happier. I am studying Fashion Merchandising, and I'm excited to see where my degree will take me. I don't always like dressing nice at school (especially because I have to wake up at 6AM) and love my casual outfits. This one is super simple, looks very cleans, but has visual interest. Instead of pairing a crop top with my high waisted jeans, I went for a v-neck t-shirt that I purchased in the mens department of H&M. It has the perfect amount of slouch, and definitely goes with my "casual" vibe. I also purchased these jeans from H&M, but did a little DIY on them with the rips at the knees. I cut the holes near the top of my knees to elongate my legs a bit. I'm only 5'4", and I love looking and feeling tall! To keep this outfit simple and casual, I only threw on two simple necklaces, and my white converse to match the white top and white notes in my jeans.

What is your favorite casual University outfit?

your girl in the suburbs,