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In honor of Bershka opening in the U.S. this year, I thought I'd share a Wardrobe Wants list from them today!

  1. I don't know where I'd be going in this, but I love this faux fur coat!
  2. These long pearl bead earrings are a minimalist's dream. These would be so cute with a super sleek low pony tail!
  3. A cool take on the classic striped shirt.
  4. I love that they transformed a basic sweater into something super cool - I'm digging this pink faux fur sleeve sweater.
  5. I've been really into sweatshirts lately, and this yellow sweatshirt is extra cool with the balloon sleeves.
  6. You all probably know this by now, but I love a good black dress.
  7. These side snap pants are a cool take on tracksuit pants.
  8. A pair of red boots have been on my hot list all year long! 
  9. A cool printed t-shirt goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and a leather jacket.  
  10. I have no idea what this green sweatshirt says, but it's dreamy. 
  11. So, this is totally not in season right now, but it's always nice to have a striped dress on hand!
  12. Clearly I'm into the whole pink sweater vibe right now.
  13. Another trend in this wardrobe wants is my love for stripes. This striped top has a cool ring detail in the center front.
  14. This isn't a color combo I'd usually go for, but the model wearing this striped bodysuit sold me!
  15. I have yet to find a pair of wide leg pants that suit me, but these might be the ones!

What are you loving from Bershka currently?
x Alicia

So, it's time to get a little personal. This is a super unglamorous post, so this is your heads up. 
Over the past few years my digestive health hasn't been the greatest, and this past year definitely hasn't been any better. As you all know I'm a fairly slim lady so when I would become bloated after every meal, it was super noticeable. After a simple breakfast my stomach would expand so much I would end up looking about 3 months pregnant! My body was definitely not looking like the one I recognized, and honestly it sucked. Besides it affecting how I looked, it was mainly having an effect on how I felt physically. I was in constant discomfort everyday and after every meal. I was also getting stomach pains on top of the discomfort. So, all around - not pleasant. 
A little over a month ago the lovely people at HUM Nutrition reached out to me asking if I'd like to try out some of their vitamins, and of course said I yes! I'd totally been slacking on taking my vitamins so I thought maybe trying out a cool new company might get me back into the swing of things. I took their consultation that recommends which vitamins are best for you, and little did I know I was recommended a few for digestive health. A little while later I received my package with Flatter Me, OMG! Omega the Great, and Daily Cleanse. 
Flatter Me is a digestive enzyme for bloating.
Daily Cleanse cleanses the skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, and lungs.
OMG! Omega the Great supports and even skin tone, a healthy heart, brain, and body. 
I've been taking these pills for 30 days now, and they have been working great. I barely get bloated anymore, and I've been way more regular (if you know what I mean). But, these vitamins are not the only thing I attribute to my newfound improved digestive health. Let's chat about my diet change.
Around the same time I began taking the HUM vitamins, I saw my doctor for my stomach issues. She told me to try out a low FODMAP diet to see what exactly is causing all of my problems. It's a six-week diet where you basically stop eating all of the foods in the FODMAP list, and after six weeks slowly reintroduce the foods back into your diet to see exactly what is causing the problems. I started this diet on November 12th and I'll be finished with it December 23rd. After December 23rd, I'll slowly begin reintroducing the foods on the list back into my diet. 
When I tell you this diet has been hard, it has been a whole entire struggle! Most of the foods on the list of "no-no's" are things I would eat on the daily. The toughest ones in the list to give up were definitely garlic, onions, wheat, and bananas. Also on the list that I was sad to give up were mangoes, asparagus, legumes, artificially sweetened chewing gum, and high fructose corn syrup (I like an occasional soda). Before this diet change, I would eat onions, garlic, and wheat every single day. Bread is literally my life (okay, not literally but I would eat at least 2 slices everyday!). I had to carefully read every label while grocery shopping to make sure I wasn't eating anything that was on the list. You'd be surprised at how many things I can't eat. This diet is very restricted and pretty challenging to follow, but I've been good so far. I've only got one week left! The thing I'm most excited about is being able to eat Christmas dinner. Thankgiving was difficult because there was not much I could eat because nearly every item was made with an ingredient on my "no-no" list! Even garlic powder was off limits - so not cool!
The low FODMAP diet in combination with the HUM Nutrition vitamins have totally been a match made in heaven for my stomach. After the diet is over, I will stick to taking the HUM vitamins because they've definitely been working! 
x Alicia

*I was sent these products to try from Hum Nutrition, but all opinions are my own!


If you’re having a bit of trouble figuring out what to get your most stylish friend for the holidays, I’ve got you covered! These are my top 8 picks for the girl who is obsessed with fashion.
Holiday Gift Guide 
  1. TEDDY COAT is all the rage this season. 
  2. SILK SCARF is a super versatile accessory to jazz up any outfit.
  3. Statement shoes like these SILVER BOOTIES can really spice up a trendsetter’s wardrobe.
  4. On the days it’s not too cold, a PRINTED BERET is the perfect hat to rock.
  5. An updated EVERYDAY BAG is always an essential.
  6. Everyone needs a piece of jewelry to wear daily. My favorite is a NECKLACE. Your bestie will love this one!
  7. Everyone needs a knitted sweater in their closet. This SWEATER will definitely turn heads.
  8. The STATEMENT RED COAT is one of the hottest trends for IT girls this season. Your friend will appreciate this find!
x Alicia

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If you've got dry winter skin, this one is for you. Today I'm teaming up with Olay to share the #WinterSkinChallenge! This challenge is all about keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized during the cold winter months with Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus body wash. After just one use of this body wash, you'll find that your skin is softer and more moisturized!

I've found that the key to maintaining moisturized skin is to start in the shower. Let's be honest - sometimes you're in a rush and don't have time to apply moisturizer after your shower (or you're like me and can just be too lazy to!). With Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus, you'll be able to hydrate your skin without even giving it a second thought.

Chicago winters can be rough and as someone who suffers from eczema, I definitely have to pay a little extra attention to my skin during the colder months. Dry itchy skin is no fun especially when it's cold out, so starting my moisturizing process in the shower is key! I squeeze a quarter size amount onto my body sponge and work it in until it forms into a rich lather, then apply and rinse. After showering, my skin looks and feels fantastic even before applying my daily moisturizer – that is, if I'm not too lazy to apply it!

Besides its amazing lather, the thing I love most about this body wash is that it's made with shea butter. Shea butter not only helps to provide intense moisture, but it also turns the shower experience into a more luxurious one. Shea butter is my go-to after shower moisturizer during the winter, and to have it as one of the main ingredients in my body wash is such a game changer for my body care routine! My skin is definitely thanking me for it.

The Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus body wash comes in two luxurious scents: Manuka Honey, and Lavender Oil. Choose one and join the #WinterSkinChallenge with me to make sure your skin stays hydrated all season long!

x Alicia

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.


Top - Zara | Bralette - UO | Jeans - ASOS | Belt - ASOS | Necklace - Twelve Oh Six | Shoes - Zara | Glasses - Firmoo

This is one of my favorite outfit posts I've done in a while. I've been loving the mesh top trend lately and I finally caved an picked up my own top to style. I opted for something super basic that can be worn as is, or under a slip dress (y'all know how much I love slip dresses!). 

This time, I took a more lax approach to the outfit and styled the top pretty casually. This is something I'd wear on a quick shopping trip, or a lunch outing. Surprisingly it's still nice enough in Chicago to wear this top outside without getting frostbite! I don't know what's up with the weather (it literally snowed multiple times last month) but hey, I'm not complaining. 

How do you feel about the mesh/sheer top trend? Are you into it? Let me know!

x Alicia