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 Zuri | Braden | Lark | Olivia (Pictured Left to Right)

I feel so naked without jewelry. I've been a jewelry-wearing fiend since early childhood, so when I don't have on my favorite pieces I feel like a part of me is missing. Okay, I'm dramatic but seriously! These are a few of my favorites. 

On my hands I wear my wedding ring and this gorgeous gold band I purchased from Hannah Naomi

On my neck, the only jewelry I wear is my own. If you didn't know, I have my own jewelry line! It's called Twelve Oh Six and I sell handmade quality jewelry at reasonable prices. My line is super minimalist and my pieces are so great for layering. The pieces pictured above are Zuri, Braden, Lark, and Olivia. These four are on constant rotation and I always have at least one of them around my neck at all times (currently rocking Olivia). 

I'm totally on the hunt for more rings, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know where to look!

x Alicia


I use at least one Fenty Beauty product every time I do my makeup. These products have definitely become a staple in my collection and makeup routine. They are super simple to use, and look very natural! 

My favorite product is the foundation. This foundation is a beautiful color match (I'm shade 330), and the finish is amazing. When I get oily throughout the day, I don't mind as much because this foundation makes my oily skin look more dewy. The Priming Moisturizer from Glossier works so well under this foundation which is amazing because that's what I already use on the daily! 

My next favorite product is the gloss bomb. I wear this probably 3 days out of the week because it's just so easy to pop on my lips and go. It was a lovely finish, and doesn't feel sticky on my lips. It also leaves my lips feeling hydrated and lasts for a decent amount of time. I love it!

Another product I use nearly every time I apply makeup is the Match Stix in Truffle. This is a gorgeous natural contour and it's super easy to swipe on. My favorite way of applying this product is to use the technique that Alissa Ashley demoed in her Fenty Beauty video. It's ingenious! If you're having trouble with this product, definitely check out her tips on how to use it.

The Match Stix in Walnut is nice to use because it doesn't crease that much on me since it's a drier product. I've got naturally creased under eyes and even when I set my makeup, concealer always creases and separates on me. I put on the smallest amount I possibly can of this concealer and blend it upwards to minimize creasing, and don't even bother to set it. This is definitely a product that's nice to have, but I could also live without it.

Finally, the Killawatt Highlighter in Trophy Wife. I love this stuff. When I first bought it, I was wearing it every day. It layers really nicely over my other highlighters and provides a little extra "oomph" to my look. I think this highlighter can work on most skin tones as long as a light hand is used! Next, I'm going to try this out on my collar bone so I can glow all over - ha!

If you have yet to purchase the debut collection from Fenty Beauty, I would give it a shot. As I mentioned, the foundation has quickly become my favorite foundation out of all the ones I own, and the products aren't heavy. They are made to be worn everyday, and you can always build them up if you want a little extra coverage on a night out. They just released the Galaxy Holiday Collection, and I'm excited to see what else they have in store!

x Alicia
Okay so I thought I'd get back to basics and make a little kit on my makeup essentials. These are the things I find most important in my makeup routine, and the items that should be in every beauty fan's arsenal. 

An overview of all of the products that you need: primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow products, blush, bronzer, highlighter, mascara, and lip balm. That's not too much, right? Let's get a bit more in depth with this.

Let's start out with the base. This is basically the most important part of your makeup routine. It's what gives you the look of smooth, perfect skin. We all know by now that I'm not a fan of primers, but I love a priming moisturizer. This offers a nice base for the foundation to stick to while providing your skin with hydration and moisture so that it doesn't dry out (like traditional primers). Next, you want to make sure to have a foundation that is a perfect color match. Skin tones change depending on what season you're in or depending how much or little sun you're getting. Make sure your foundation matches your undertones, and if you're getting shade matched in a store take a step outside into natural lighting to get a better look. The same concept applies for concealer! For a basic kit you'll want to find a concealer that matches your skin tone. Don't try to go for the lighter or darker ones that would be used for contouring because that isn't a beginner concept. Start small. To complete your base you'll want a nice setting powder. I like to use my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder and I use it to set my t-zone since that's where I usually get oily. A little goes a long way with this powder, and there's no need to "bake" when you're doing a natural look!

So, moving on to my favorite part of a makeup routine - eyebrows. I don't leave my house without brow product on. Eyebrows frame your face, and IMO it's super necessary to fill them in. On chill days I'll opt for using Glossier's Boy Brow on it's own, but on days when I want a strong brow I'll use Makeup For Ever's Aqua Brow. Sometimes when I'm feeling extra fancy I'll use both!

This next part of the makeup routine is where you add some color back into your face. Applying bronzer, blush, and highlighter gives your face some dimension and can make you look super refreshed and alive! I like to apply bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, along my jawline, forehead, sides of my nose, and as a lid color on my eyes. This gives me a nice sun kissed look and adds depth to my face. Next, I'll apply highlighter on my cheekbones, center of my nose, brow bones, and inner corners of my eyes. I'll finish off this part of the face by applying blush to the apples of my cheeks for a nice rosy look.

The last step in the routine is what I like to call the "finishers". These add the final touch and pull the whole look together. Mascara darkens and lengthens your lashes to make your eyes appear more awake, and lip balm gives you hydrated and plump lips. I like to use a lip balm that has a hint of color in it, like this Balm Dotcom.

Makeup is such a fun part of life and can be super creative. But when you're just starting out, it's good to get to know your basics. Stay tuned for next week where I share with you all the tools to use to make these products work best!
Which products can you not live without?
x Alicia

Necklace - Twelve Oh Six | Shoes - Forever 21 (similar)
This dress is a dream. I went to Joann (I know, when am I not there) to pick up a few things for the Get Off My Back DIY, and while I was there I stumbled upon this gorgeous fabric. I didn't know what I needed it for, I just knew I had to have it. Since I had time to kill, I decided to check out what cool patterns Joann had that might work well for this fabric. I ended up finding this gorgeous pattern and knew that it was the perfect fit for this fabric. I shortened the pattern by 12 cm because I only bought 2.5 yards of the fabric ($19.99/yd). This is the most expensive fabric I've purchased thus far, but it was so worth it! I'm seriously obsessed with how it came out. I can't wait to try out this pattern again using different fabric!

x Alicia