the witching hour

Friday, October 30, 2015

In honor of Halloween, I have a throwback post for ya. This is a post I mean to hit "publish" on last Halloween, but because I was just getting used to the whole idea of "blogging",  I forgot. Rookie mistake! I wanted to choose a "costume" that was both functional and fun. I used my flat iron to achieve the beachy waves and took all of the items straight from my closet. To spice it up, I popped on a nice blood red lipstick color. 

I hereby promise to never forget to hit "publish" on another blog post again!

x Alicia



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hey lovelies. I'm going to be styling up this green shirt in a few posts to show you the versatility of a forest green crew neck! I purchased this shirt from the men's section at the Gap, and I'm wearing it in a size XS. In this outfit, I wanted to play up the masculinity of the shirt by keeping the whole look oversized. For the makeup, I smoked out my eye with flesh-toned shadow, and put on a dark berry lip. I tucked the shirt into a pair of mom jeans, and threw on my duster jacket for a bit of warmth. This is definitely a great outfit for class, running errands, or catching a movie. 
How would you style this shirt to keep it on the masculine side?
x Alicia

A Feminine Touch

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm back at you with the green men's crewneck! This time I wanted to go for a feminine tough-girl kind of vibe. Although it is fall now, it's not time to say goodbye to your favorite maxi dresses just yet. I put this crewneck over top of my favorite summer dress, adding a bit of a sleeve and changing the whole look of the dress. The dress has a gorgeous muted floral pattern, and the green crewneck makes the colors pop just a bit more. I "toughened up" this look by pairing it with short combat boots and my black leather jacket.

Have any ideas on how you would add a feminine touch to this crewneck? Let me know!

x Alicia



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shirt - XXI | Pants - Gap | Shoes - adidas | Jacket - Zara 
Hey lovelies! Fall is upon us here in Chicago, and I'm actually quite sad about it. Summer is by far my favorite season and I feel like it didn't last nearly long enough this year. I mean, what else should I have expected? I do live in Chicago, the windy city. Okay, enough of me moping about the end of summer, and lets get on to talking about fall. My favorite thing about this season is the fashion. I definitely think personal style shines brightest during this season, and dark hues make a huge comeback. I do actually wear black all year round because why not, but wearing it in the fall just makes me feel great. I off set this all black number with my white adidas superstars and light eye makeup. My berry lips are courtesy of Wet-n-Wild's "Cherry Bomb". I felt a little "throwbackish" in this outfit, so I rummaged through my mom's old jewelry and stacked on a bunch of her gold rings from the '90s. Umm how cute is her name ring? I want one! I did a bit of metal mixing with the gold and silver jewelry just to modernize the look and make it my own. My nail polish is a beautiful forest green color courtesy of the Maybelline Color Show line in the color "Walk in the Park". I love being comfy and cute and this outfit can be worn for a variety of different occasions. 

What is your favorite part about the fall season? Also, do you call it "fall" or "autumn"? Let me know!
x Alicia    


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