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There are so many images I come across on the Internet that inspire me in my daily life. Here are a few that I'm currently loving.
Jorg Sasse

Oil Painting - KwangHo Shin

True Colors - Elizabeth Jane Bishop

I will definitely do more Internet Art posts because there are just so many images that I come across that are so visually stimulating and inspired. Take a peek at my tumblr for more. 

x Alicia

Jumpsuit - Target | Cardigan - UO | Sandals - DSW | Watch - The Fifth Watches
Rings, Septum, Headband - XXI | Necklaces - Twelve Oh Six

Hello lovelies! So today I wanted to style up a jumpsuit that I picked up from Target last week. I scored it for $15 off of clearance. You all know that I LOVE a good deal, and this was one for sure! Definitely did a little happy dance in the fitting room when I tried it on. The fabric is nice and light so I can wear this in the spring and summer. 

The thing I love about jumpsuits and rompers is that they elongate the body. In order to make myself appear even taller, I threw on this immensely long cardigan. If you're short, you may want to use this trick up your sleeve: long cardigans, jumpsuits, and high waisted bottoms will make you appear taller! I can do a more in depth post about this later on. ;)

In order to add interest into this outfit, I did what I do best - popped on a few pieces of jewelry. I picked up this watch a month ago from a company called The Fifth Watches (you may have seen them on Instagram). I bought the peach and rose gold toned watch, and the all black one for my boyfriend. These unisex watches are timeless and will definitely go with any outfit. Check them out at http://thefifthwatches.com. If you didn't know, I make jewelry! The necklaces you see here are from my online store, Twelve Oh Six. If you want to purchase some delicate everyday necklaces, check out my boutique http://twelveohsix.com

Finally, the piece that I think brings the whole look together: the headband. This headband made me feel so ethereal and elegant. Since I do have very curly hair, it doesn't get as neat as straight hair. This gorgeous headband added a bit of class and interest to a messy hairstyle, and it was only $7! Definitely check out your local Forever 21 to pick one up.

I also filmed a video with this look, so keep an eye out for it later in the week so you can see this outfit in action!

x Alicia   

Red Sneakers - H&M | Leather Ankle Boots - H&M | White & Black Leather Converse - Converse

Hello again, lovelies. Today I wanted to put together a few items that I wish were in my wardrobe at this current moment in time. Wouldn't it be great to copy paste things straight into your closet? (A girl can dream!) This is a list of things I've compiled from ASOS, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Misguided, Converse, and Adidas. I'm super into rompers and dresses for the spring and summer, as well as sneakers. Sneakers are my obsession of the moment. It's a lot more practical for me to wear sneakers than heels considering I'm a full-time student who commutes. I would look absolutely insane walking a mile to the train station each day in heels. Just imagining the pain my feet and calves would be in after a day in heels makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Yikes!

What items are on your spring wish list? Let me know!

x Alicia