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Sometimes when I'm shopping at the mall or online, I come across pieces that I become crazy about - but I'm not crazy about the price tag. This was the case with this SIR The Label jumpsuit. It retails for $250 and that's at least $200 more than I'm willing to spend on a jumpsuit I'd probably wear twice. 
Instead of sulking over the fact that I would never actually spend that much money on an item of clothing (although it is CUTE), I decided to take my sewing machine out of retirement and attempt to recreate it! I added my own twist to the suit by adding a cut out in the front, made it fit a bit more snug, and finally extended the leg length a few inches. I bought two yards of this fabric from my local fabric store for a grand total of $3.98 plus tax. I had a black invisible zipper at home from a previous fabric store trip, as well as black thread. 
As you all know, I have a degree in Marketing, not Fashion Design so I had to improvise a bit on this one. I began by watching a million tutorials on YouTube on how to make high rise wide leg pants (because obvs don't remember how to make pants from that one class I took Sophomore year of high school). I eventually gave up and found a pair in my closet and made a quick pattern by tracing out the front and back sides on some pattern paper - remembering to add seam allowance! For the top half, I went back to YouTube and found a few tutorials and freehanded a pattern for the top which ended up looking like misshapen triangles. I spent a lot of time measuring and re-measuring before and after cutting the fabric. I eventually changed the shape of the top because I wanted to show a bit more cleavage (lol who doesn't?). I assembled it all, and this was my final result! I'm absolutely crazy about it and I know a few things I would alter next time I try to make a jumpsuit (i.e. a little more wiggle room in the butt area).
Shout out to my sister, Ahleya, for giving me this genius idea for a blog series! 
SIR The Label Jumpsuit = $250
My DIY = $4.37
What have you seen in stores that you'd rather DIY than buy?
x Alicia 

Jacket - Gap | Dress (similar) - XXI | Necklace - Twelve Oh Six | Shoes - Zara 
I spotted this jacket in the mens section of Gap and I knew I needed to have it. It offers a nice casual vibe to any look like your S.O. gave you his jacket because you got cold. Yeah, that's the whole scenario I saw in my mind when I first tried on this jacket. And these shoes? I went back to Zara to buy them because I couldn't stop thinking about them. They were worth every penny. 
What's your favorite part about this look? I can't decide!
x Alicia 

I am obsessed with the Boy Brow. Check out my full video review on it here! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're at it.
If you order with my link, you can get 20% off your first Glossier purchase which would bring the price of the Boy Brow to only $12.80! http://glossier.com/reps/aliciaenkhulzii
What's your favorite Glossier product?
x Alicia

Watch Video Here

I love a light, fresh makeup look in the springtime, but sometimes I want to have a bit of fun and add some color to my face. This is definitely my go-to look to add a bit of drama and it only takes 20 minutes! You can check out the video on my YouTube channel, and don't forget to subscribe while you're at it. ;)

What is your go-to spring makeup look? 

x Alicia