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Friday, October 30, 2015

In honor of Halloween, I have a throwback post for ya. This is a post I mean to hit "publish" on last Halloween, but because I was just getting used to the whole idea of "blogging",  I forgot. Rookie mistake! I wanted to choose a "costume" that was both functional and fun. I used my flat iron to achieve the beachy waves and took all of the items straight from my closet. To spice it up, I popped on a nice blood red lipstick color. 

I hereby promise to never forget to hit "publish" on another blog post again!

x Alicia



Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hey lovelies. I'm going to be styling up this green shirt in a few posts to show you the versatility of a forest green crew neck! I purchased this shirt from the men's section at the Gap, and I'm wearing it in a size XS. In this outfit, I wanted to play up the masculinity of the shirt by keeping the whole look oversized. For the makeup, I smoked out my eye with flesh-toned shadow, and put on a dark berry lip. I tucked the shirt into a pair of mom jeans, and threw on my duster jacket for a bit of warmth. This is definitely a great outfit for class, running errands, or catching a movie. 
How would you style this shirt to keep it on the masculine side?
x Alicia

A Feminine Touch

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm back at you with the green men's crewneck! This time I wanted to go for a feminine tough-girl kind of vibe. Although it is fall now, it's not time to say goodbye to your favorite maxi dresses just yet. I put this crewneck over top of my favorite summer dress, adding a bit of a sleeve and changing the whole look of the dress. The dress has a gorgeous muted floral pattern, and the green crewneck makes the colors pop just a bit more. I "toughened up" this look by pairing it with short combat boots and my black leather jacket.

Have any ideas on how you would add a feminine touch to this crewneck? Let me know!

x Alicia



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shirt - XXI | Pants - Gap | Shoes - adidas | Jacket - Zara 
Hey lovelies! Fall is upon us here in Chicago, and I'm actually quite sad about it. Summer is by far my favorite season and I feel like it didn't last nearly long enough this year. I mean, what else should I have expected? I do live in Chicago, the windy city. Okay, enough of me moping about the end of summer, and lets get on to talking about fall. My favorite thing about this season is the fashion. I definitely think personal style shines brightest during this season, and dark hues make a huge comeback. I do actually wear black all year round because why not, but wearing it in the fall just makes me feel great. I off set this all black number with my white adidas superstars and light eye makeup. My berry lips are courtesy of Wet-n-Wild's "Cherry Bomb". I felt a little "throwbackish" in this outfit, so I rummaged through my mom's old jewelry and stacked on a bunch of her gold rings from the '90s. Umm how cute is her name ring? I want one! I did a bit of metal mixing with the gold and silver jewelry just to modernize the look and make it my own. My nail polish is a beautiful forest green color courtesy of the Maybelline Color Show line in the color "Walk in the Park". I love being comfy and cute and this outfit can be worn for a variety of different occasions. 

What is your favorite part about the fall season? Also, do you call it "fall" or "autumn"? Let me know!
x Alicia    


Staying Organized Part One: Workspace Woes

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hey lovelies! Welcome to part one of my "Staying Organized"/"Get Your Life Together, Girl" series. Today, I'm showing you how to tackle your workspace situation. I went to town today organizing my desk. For me, I find it hard to get work done in a cluttered and unorganized environment. I like things put away neatly, and in it's place (everything has a place). I don't like my workspace looking like my brain - a hot mess. If I want to get something done, I need my space to be organized and clean. Let's handle those workspace woes.

Alright so step one is to take everything off your desk. Yes, I mean everything. Make it look brand new, and wipe it down a bit (because when is the last time it was cleaned, hmm?). Finished? Okay, cool. Let's continue. 

Now we are going to see what actually belongs on your desk. Put your computer back up there, a desk calendar if you have one, and your pen holder. Stop right there. Grab your pen holder, and take out all of the unnecessary items like the pen without a cap, a pencil without led or an eraser, and the twenty extra highlighters you have in there. You should have at most two pencils, two pens, and one highlighter. The rest is all just clutter and not needed, so pop those in your desk drawer and out of the way. 

As you may notice, I have a little tray on my desk that houses things I use pretty much on the daily: my ring/paperclip tray, post-it notes, notepad, business card holder, flash drives, and a stapler. This is my catch all with things I use all of the time, and can reach quickly and easily. I would definitely suggest using one of these because it keeps small things all in one place, making your desk look instantly neater.

Now you should have at most four items on your desk (computer, calendar, pen holder, catch all tray), and it should be looking pretty neat. Now we're going to integrate some personality and design back into your space. I brought out a few of my favorite small decor items like my wooden ampersand, my Voss bottle with a fake flower, and two stone bookends. I didn't want a super boring desk because I know my creative juices will cease to flow if I only had the necessities up here. Just make sure  you are not brining more than three decor pieces into your space or else you are at risk for a messy desk once again. I brought out my dreams and schemes journals and centered them in between my bookends, and created a small creative space off to the upper right side of my desk. I drink between two and three cups of tea per day (I'm obsessed), so I put down a DIY silver coaster (which is actually just an Ikea candle lid ;) and placed my mug-of-the-day on top of it. 

Cool! Your desk is now organized and beautiful. A tip to keep it that way - don't store anything on your desk. If you needed to use a calculator for a math assignment make sure you put it away as soon as you have finished the assignment. If you were watching some Netflix while at your desk and ate a small bowl of popcorn, take the bowl off your desk. Trust me, if you let one thing slide, you are going to go back to hoarding unnecessary items on your desk again and that will defeat the purpose of all of the hard work you just put in organizing it. 

Here's to tackling your workspace woes! May your creative juices flow stronger than ever, and may your desk be clean and organized from this day forward. 

x Alicia


New In: Ulta Beauty Edit

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

After a long, grueling quarter, I decided to treat myself to a few goodies at Ulta. Admittedly, the quarter isn't quite over just yet (it officially ends on Friday for me) but it is never too early to reward yourself for hard work! I picked up a mud mask, top coat, bronzer, highlighter, setting spray, and some face wash. I needed a bronzer refill, so I went with my tried and true, NYX Matte Bronzerin the shade Deep Tan. I wanted to give myself a few hours of R&R, so I bought Freeman's Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask to use while I gave myself a a nice and much needed pedicure (that I topped off with my new Seche Vite top coat). I have been meaning to buy a setting spray since I haven't owned one since the beginning of the summer, and snagged the mini size of Urban Decay's De-Slick Setting Spray. It's been doing its job so far! My Dermalogica facial cleanser will soon be seeing its last days, so I picked up one of my staples: the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. This stuff is amazing for sensitive skin, and leaves your skin feeling super clean. Finally, I splurged and bought the full-size version of Benefit's Watt's Up Highlighter - my absolute favorite one ever! After using my mom's mini version for the past two years, it was time I bought my own. I think this product gives such a beautiful natural glow, and is great for that "new" trend, strobing. I honestly don't get why using a crazy amount of highlighter needs a name, but if that's the case I've been "strobing" ever since I started highlighting. Believe you me, I will definitely do a product spotlight on this highlighter in the near future.

That's all for now,
x Alicia


How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I admittedly don't clean my makeup brushes as often as I should. When I think about it, it should really be a priority since those things are always touching my face. Well, that sounds wrong. Ha!

Anyhow, I watched this video from BeautyosaurusLex on YouTube and she spoke about how she cleans her brushes in her June Favorites video. I love favorites videos and I ran out and purchased the exact soap she uses to clean her brushes: Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap in the scent Basil! It smells like spring. Such a fresh scent that I won't get sick of (especially considering the frequency of which I wash my brushes).

I don't have any snazzy brush pads or mitts, but I do have these trusty old things called my hands. I put a drop of soap onto my palm and run the brush under warm water for 0.3 seconds, then swirl the brush in the palm of my hand until I see the burnt copper color of old makeup run down the drain. I then proceed to rinse the brush, then put a drop of soap directly on the bristles then massage it in until it lathers nicely. I repeat this until the soap remains a nice white foam as I'm massaging the brush, then rinse until the water runs clear. I shape the brush heads then leave them on a clean hand towel overnight, or until they dry. The next day I have fresh-scented brushes that are clean and bacteria-free! Woo!

What's your favorite way to clean your brushes, and what products do you use? One last thing - how often do you actually wash your brushes?
x Alicia

Alessandra Chiolo: Albertine Shoes

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hey lovelies! I teamed up with The Blogger Programme to share information about an awesome new shoe company with you all! 

Alessandra Alberta Chiolo is a new fashion start up, which owns copyright over the Albertine, module built shoes (shop: The “Albertine” concept has been developed to allow modern women, always running between work and free time, to change their look with ease!

With this product, the Head Designer, Alessandra Alberta Chiolo herself, wants to unify her passions, fashion and travels, with the aim of guaranteeing to women the possibility of being themselves in any circumstance.  

Upper, heels, and plateau compose the Albertine: combining different models of these last two elements it is possible to customize the shoes. There are two models of uppers, heels, and plateaus, each are available in 30 different colors, for a total of 3600 combinations.  
The hooking system is incredibly easy to use, with simple gestures allowing a seamless combination of the different elements.  

The Albertine is 100% made in Italy and guarantees absolute attention to details, choice of the best materials and use of the most advanced technologies. Check out the video below to see the shoes in action! 

I really love that Alessandra is working hard to see her dream come true, and that she is totally on the same wavelength as me regarding the reason behind her company. Individuality is important. It's critical that you remain true to yourself, even when it comes to fashion.  

If you want to get involved with this campaign and help Alessandra bring the Albertine to the U.S., check out her Kickstarter campaign
x Alicia


Kate Spade x Her Campus Shopping Party

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hey lovelies! Last night I got to hang out at the Kate Spade x Her Campus blogger event and check out the latest KS goodies. There was a pink bag that I was completely obsessed with (see the four photos I took with it above), and some other super cute end-of-summer/beginning-of-fall bags. My mom accompanied me to the event, and we had some sips and sweets and both left with new Kate Spade merch in tow! Keep an eye out for a blog post featuring my new KS wallet. 
I wanted to look casual yet put together, so I threw on a long sleeved knit dress from Zara, a pink longline blazer which is also from Zara, and my Adidas superstars. I rolled up the sleeves on the dress and blazer to "toughen up" look just a tad. It was super comfortable, and just my style. 
Thanks to Her Campus and Kate Spade for the awesome shopping party! 
x Alicia

Teen Vogue Back To School Campus Trunk Party

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Teen Vogue sponsored a Back-to-School party that I hosted on Saturday afternoon! I set my party up like a shopping event with a ton of food and snacks. My guests loved all of the products from the advertisers and had a bunch of fun taking photos in front of the photo wall! Hope you enjoyed the photos, and stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway of some of the products we had at the party. 

Special thanks to the advertisers and Teen Vogue!
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x Alicia 

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